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Professional and Managed Services


Customer success is key

When it comes to professional and managed services, Imprivata goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers optimise IT resources and future proof their technology investments. We provide a range of services options with the aim of sharing a deep understanding of our technology and guidance on specific clinical workflow optimisations. Our goal and passion is to ensure that your deployment is successful. 

Imprivata Professional and Managed Services is a group of technical and subject matter experts that are proactive and committed to delivering faster time to value. This unique team has partnered with numerous healthcare organisations to integrate Imprivata into the most complex workflows, making them an asset to IT teams that are focused on efficiency, precision, and end user satisfaction. 

Designed Uniquely for Healthcare 

Organisations can select their ideal mix of Imprivata Services options: 

The Technical Architecture Management (TAM) team brings deep technical and healthcare experience across a broad spectrum of organisations and architectural, environmental, and workflow variations, putting their knowledge and experience to work for you. They are experienced resources that are self-sufficient and provide prescriptive, ongoing regular communication with an organisation’s IT teams. Your organisation should consider TAM services if they: 

  • Need one accountable owner to oversee and manage Imprivata support cases or escalations 

  • Desire a resource from within Imprivata that can plan for your organisation’s highest-value product enhancements 

  • Need your technology investments to remain stable and current while delivering efficient clinical workflows to your providers 

The Remote Administration Management (RAM) team includes technical experts who can remotely administer your Imprivata solutions. Your team should consider RAM services if they: 

  • Face IT resource constraints, yet must manage enterprise-level change at increasing frequency or complexity 

  • Require upgrades to Imprivata solutions or Imprivata-integrated systems and you cannot afford costly disruptions in production 

  • Desire an experienced, trusted expert who can remotely manage your Imprivata solution, is self-sufficient, and provides prescriptive, ongoing communication with your IT team 

Professional Services  

Leveraging our proprietary implementation methodology, Imprivata is here for our customers at every stage of your technology adoption lifecycle: 

  • Project Readiness: Imprivata experts evaluate your environment from IT and clinical perspectives to create a customised implementation plan that works for you. 

  • Implementation: Imprivata focuses on getting it right from the very start. Our team of project managers, solution architects, and implementation engineers work with you to manage, configure, test, and deploy in your environment, getting you up and running with minimal disruption to your workflow. 

  • Education: To ensure on-going success, we deliver role-specific training that empowers your administrators, project managers, network admins, help desk staff, and others to use, manage, and maintain your Imprivata solution. 

  • Optimisation: You need Imprivata to work as seamlessly as possible, so our experts focus on workflow analysis to transform your environment and ensure end users are more productive so they can focus on patient care. 

  • Maintenance: From platform upgrades to new functionality, we help you navigate changes at every point. Proactive system maintenance is essential to ensure you are getting all of the benefits your Imprivata solutions have to offer. 

Why it matters 

Solid deployment, education, and optimisation are crucial parts of a technology adoption lifecycle, reducing the risks that can come with new technologies. Imprivata Professional Services can help you generate significant efficiencies for care providers. With Imprivata, you're not just deploying a new system, but implementing a productivity enhancing solution throughout your entire organisation. 

Driving resiliency and success amidst COVID-19 with remote Imprivata Professional Services

The increased pressure to meet an ever-growing number of deadlines along with the need for remote deployments has elevated the demand for Imprivata Professional Services. This team of Imprivata experts provides remote or onsite deployment assistance to ensure timely go-lives with Imprivata solutions. 

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