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Imprivata OneSign for government, policing & councils


“With Imprivata, police departments can put in place an infrastructure for compliance while solving the immediate problems of managing logins to dozens of applications.”

Tom Rowles, IT Network Supervisor, Polk County Sheriff's Office, Fla. USA

Meet data protection and security obligations for IT-driven public services


More than ever, public sector organisations need to put data security front-and-centre of operational thinking.

As well as complying with Data Protection legislation and information security standards, government organisations face unique pressures.

Obligations like fulfilling Freedom of Information requests make access to information a priority. Yet data security remains paramount: citizen information is the first port of call for ID fraudsters.


Power the next generation of public sector services


Technology is also expected to unlock efficiencies and cut costs over the next decade. Government institutions are the guardians of more consumer data than ever, and it needs to be efficiently used and shared to provide new taxpayer value. Increasingly, public services will be conducted online; and world-class security is non-negotiable in delivering this new wave of customer-facing tools.

But there is always room for improvement. The Information Commissioner’s 2014 audit for Police forces, for example, found that one third of forces achieved only a ‘limited overall assurance’ rating.


Effective data protection, more productive staff


Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On and Authentication Management gives public sector organisations a complete yet easy-to-use authentication solution to fully track user activity and make data protection auditing simple.

Imprivata boosts your data security by allowing IT administrators to enforce strong password discipline:

  • No more shared log-ins, passwords on post-it notes and other insecure short-cuts
  • Works with any security hardware (smartcards, proximity cards, keyfobs etc)
  • Natural to use, even for completely non-technical staff

Building on our exceptional experience in complex healthcare environments, you can also be sure that Imprivata is designed to work the way you do: we streamline security so that technology becomes seamless to your everyday workflow.

Staff therefore perform more effectively; because they are freed from having to remember dozens of ever-changing passwords. Imprivata unlocks performance by eliminating complexity and confusion for many thousands of users at a time.


“It just works”


We have a sector-leading reputation for simple and effective deployment, no matter what the age or complexity of your systems:

  • Native thin client and virtual desktop support
  • Web applications
  • Legacy systems and infrastructure
  • Roll-out into communities (Imprivata’s centrally managed architecture makes remote ID management simple and instant)
  • Scalable – deployed to support tens of thousands of users concurrently


Buy back IT resources


Imprivata reduces the burden of security administration on your IT team.

  • An easy-to-use self-service password management system allows staff to reset passwords themselves – even those requiring regular mandated resets. This frees up IT helpdesk staff for more urgent and strategic activities.
  • Imprivata is easy to use and works with your existing IT and security infrastructure. This cuts investment, time-to-deploy and training.
  • Total platform independence means you can deploy with confidence: get clear ROI whatever your upgrade path or future IT investment plans

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On and Authentication Management gives you total insight and control over information access, whatever your existing technologies, to meet your compliance obligations, cut costs and drive improved services.