Single sign-on & authentication management



On average, care professionals log into workstations and applications 70 times a day, entering a username and password each time. Repetitive entry of user credentials frustrate clinicians, obstruct effective patient care, and encourage behaviours which compromise compliance and patient safety.

Imprivata solves clinical access challenges in one end-to-end solution that incorporates single sign-on, authentication management, simple but secure self-service password management, and virtual desktop roaming. With Imprivata, a single log in per shift allows healthcare professionals to access the patient data they need to deliver secure, quality care.

Imprivata also benefits IT teams. Every interaction is logged, making governance less of a challenge. And self-service password management dramatically reduces the time helpdesk staff lose dealing with password problems.

Imprivata unlocks the full potential of IT investments, leverages future & legacy systems, improves clinical productivity, maintains security, and keeps IT costs down. With Imprivata, clinicians can spend more time focusing on patient care and less time dealing with technology.


Single sign-on and authentication management