Patient experience optimisation

Ensuring patient safety requires accurate patient identification across the entire patient experience and continuum of care. Whether patients are checking in for appointments, being verified for a medical procedure or surgery, or transitioning to another point of care, it’s critical to have an accurate, single record of their medical information.

Key product features

Expedited patient self-check-in

Through an extensive partner ecosystem, Imprivata PatientSecure is directly embedded into industry-leading self-service kiosks so that hospitals can easily and accurately identify patients, and check them in for their appointments. Imprivata is partnered with providers such as CTS, Vecna, and PatientWorks.

Accurate patient registration

At patient registration, it is crucial to positively identify the right patient in order to prevent safety events related to misidentification. Imprivata PatientSecure is the only solution that provides deep integrations and partnerships with healthcare’s industry-leading ADT vendors, such as Cerner, Epic, McKesson, Meditech, and more.

Verification at the point of care

Misidentification at the point of care can result in life or death situations. Imprivata PatientSecure has been successfully used in many point of care workflows, enabling identification and verification for:

  • Unconscious patient identification in trauma situations and emergency departments
  • Radiation oncology before receiving treatment
  • Time-out procedures for surgery
  • Medication administration and blood transfusions