Developer Partner

Imprivata Developer Programme


The Imprivata Developer Program allows software and hardware solution providers to easily expand their capabilities by leveraging Imprivata’s leading authentication and secure communications platform capabilities.

  • Seamless integration of authentication and secure communications capabilities within any application and across a broad set of devices.
  • Access to APIs, documentation, test and certification tools for both the Imprivata OneSign ProveID™ SDK and the Imprivata Cortext® API.
  • Developer training on both Imprivata OneSign® and Imprivata Cortext, including the use of Imprivata ProveID APIs and Imprivata Cortext APIs.
  • Formal Imprivata Ready product certification
  • Access to technical support resources during the development process
  • Company and solution listing on our Developer Programme web page


Imprivata Developer Programme for Identity and Access Management


The Imprivata Developer Programme enables software and hardware vendors to seamlessly integrate strong authentication into any application or physical device through the Imprivata OneSign ProveID API family. Your solutions can simply and quickly enable workflows that require positive user identification or re-authentication such as roaming between end points, ePrescribing, or chart signing. Imprivata OneSign takes care of securing password information, audit and compliance.  Imprivata OneSign provides a single point of management for all authentication needs across customer organisations.

Imprivata integrates with a wide variety of devices and applications: embedded medical devices, bedside terminals, medication dispensers, printers and printing services, as well as non-Windows endpoints, including Linux, thin and zero client devices. Imprivata also supports the broadest range of authentication methodologies including fingerprint biometrics, active and passive proximity cards, smart cards, one-time passwords, USB tokens and phone-based authentication.