EPR Adoption

Get the most from your EPR investment with Imprivata OneSign


Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems are the foundation of healthcare technology.  However, strong security requirements often impede EPR adoption because clinicians are required to enter long, complicated passwords to access their EPR application multiple times per shift. These password requirements negatively impact EPR adoption, disrupt clinical workflows, and waste clinicians’ time. Single Sign-On and Authentication Management streamline authentication management, eliminate clicks, and handle all username and password entries automatically, behind the scenes. As a result, with Imprivata, clinicians get secure, instant access to patient information in their EPR application without impeding patient care.


Key Features


Fast Access


Imprivata OneSign removes password authentication - the single greatest barrier to EPR adoption - enabling clinicians to access patient data when and where they need to, securely and conveniently.

Multiple Authentications Simplified


EPRs achieve exponentially more when multiple systems are connected. Imprivata simplifies password overhead for multiple systems, allowing clinicians to coordinate patient care effectively and do more with fewer clicks.

Improved User Experience


Nobody joins clinical practice to become an IT expert. Imprivata improves EPR accessibility by making password security more user friendly and automating security standards so that end users don’t have to worry about remembering complex passwords.

Take Data Anywhere


Imprivata supports virtual desktop roaming to enable fast, secure No Click Access® to clinical applications and patient information, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.