Virtual Desktop Access Overview

What it is

Imprivata OneSign® Virtual Desktop Access enables No Click Access® to virtual desktops. Streamlining desktop access, care providers can access their personal desktop from any location with just the tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint, significantly optimizing clinical workflows saving clicks, saving time and enhancing care delivery.

Why it matters

Care providers are always on the move. Every time they change locations, they have to log into the workstation, launch the clinical or administrative applications they need and navigate back to the patient chart. This wastes valuable time, causes frustration and shifts focus away from the patient. No Click Access combined with virtual desktops streamlines access, removing the repetitive steps that frustrate and distract care providers. No Click Access encourages CPOE adoption and entry of patient information at the point of care, enhancing care delivery.

No Click Access also supports the transition from a physical to a virtual desktop environment. Care providers enjoy a consistent experience during the transition, and a single point of password management and compliance reporting is maintained.

How it works

Imprivata automates and streamlines the virtual desktop login process, including authenticating to the workstation, launching and authenticating to the virtual desktop client and selecting the desktop. The API-level integration removes the requirement to create and maintain scripts to handle authentication, login screens are removed completely optimizing the user experience

OneSign Virtual Desktop Access offers care providers a seamless authentication experience and can be combined with single sign-on for No Click Access to desktops and applications in a virtual desktop environment.