Clinical Workflows Optimisation



Clinical workflows are at the heart of patient care delivery; the tasks, steps, activities, and communications that make up clinical workflows are complex. As providers move from paper charts to EMRs and start leveraging modern communications tools, improving clinical workflows is critical to driving EMR adoption and securing patient information.

If clinical workflows are not considered when rolling out technology or security policies, technology adoption can be put at risk and care providers can become frustrated by the technological barriers they repeatedly hit when attempting to deliver patient care.

Imprivata optimises clinical workflows with fast, secure access to patient information. With Imprivata, care providers can communicate and collaborate more successfully and enjoy more mobile-friendly and flexible healthcare technologies. Instead of frustrating care providers and placing barriers to effective care, healthcare technologies such as desktop virtualisation and e-prescribing can be quick, easy, and seamless additions to care providers’ workflows. Paired with Imprivata, healthcare technologies can become the foundation for new, more efficient ways of delivering patient care.


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