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Enterprise Single Sign-On and Authentication Management


Technology is simply non-negotiable. It powers competitiveness, cuts delivery costs and makes regulatory compliance achievable.

However, without effective authentication, these benefits disappear. Competitiveness depends on productivity, and your people are not productive if they are endlessly wasting time logging in and out of systems.

Cost-effectiveness depends on locked-down security: if your staff are sharing passwords or leaving terminals open and unattended, your business is vulnerable to expensive information security breaches.

And compliance depends on accurate record-keeping, which is impossible if employees and even visitors are unaccountable for the services they use.

Whatever you want to achieve with IT, authentication is the universal gateway to your technology estate and therefore a crucial operational consideration. 

Imprivata is an authentication and access management platform deployed by thousands of businesses and public sector institutions worldwide, to maintain fast access to services while protecting assets and employees.

  • Imprivata gives users rapid login across all systems and applications for greater productivity
  • Imprivata gives administrators centralised policy management and self-serve user portals to slash password reset and other helpdesk calls
  • Imprivata gives compliance professionals aggregated audit data for rock-solid insight

Imprivata integrates authentication management, application single sign-on (SSO) and password management to give you world-class security and productivity in one secure solution.


Easy to Deploy and Maintain


Available as a physical or virtual appliance, Imprivata Single Sign-On and Authentication Management is easy to implement, deploy and manage. Any application can be quickly SSO-enabled through a drag-and-drop interface and deployed within hours to individual users or across the whole organisation. Designed for high availability, with built-in back-up and failover between appliances, Imprivata provides a reliable, scalable infrastructure with no requirement to change existing applications or Active Directory schemas; so you can start to see the benefits with minimum complication or effort.


Maximise the Return on Your IT Infrastructure


Whatever you’ve got – virtualised IT, legacy hardware or terminal emulators, for example - we can handle it, hassle-free. Get the most from your existing systems, extending their life and utility. And connect them with new information technologies, like the cloud services you want to use. We deliver No Click Access® to practically every desktop, making virtualisation and secure remote access simple from any device — including iPads and Android-based devices.


Centralise and Simplify Compliance Reporting


Cut the effort and cost of legislative and regulatory compliance with centralised, real-time tracking of every employee authentication and access event. Audit tools record and flag applications accessed by specific user credentials and quickly identify problem behaviours like password sharing. Email notifications will help you manage events like authentication failure, lockouts or system failures.




Single Sign-On


Proven in regulated industries around the world, Single Sign-On simplifies and accelerates application access, automating the login process for authenticated users. When combined with authentication management, Imprivata gives users No Click Access® to their networks, desktops and applications. And by enforcing complex password practice, even on thin-client and networked terminals, Imprivata can also render your older legacy systems compliant, extending their lifespans and saving money.


Authentication Management


Every desktop and workstation in your environment is a gateway to company assets. While security is a top priority, so are fast access and productivity. Authentication Management simplifies and secures access to physical and virtual desktops. Manual typing of complex usernames and passwords is replaced with the quick tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint.  Full auditing and logging of authentication events help IT departments meet compliance regulations.


Self-Service Password Management


Imprivata Self-Service Password Management portals remove the burden of password management from the IT helpdesk. As well as saving IT hours, the portal allows greater password security to be mandated, including strength/length and required regular amendment. Changing primary credentials and retrieving application passwords is simple for everyone and no longer causes delay or disruption to workflow.


Fingerprint Biometric Identification


Fingerprint Biometric Identification enables users to access their desktops and applications quickly and easily with just a swipe of a finger – completely bypassing passwords. Working in both physical and virtual environments, it can be used to authenticate within an application workflow as well as securing initial access. 


Virtual Desktop Access for Citrix and VMware


Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) gives users a fast and easy way to access their Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, VDA helps users make the most of their roaming desktops, saving time and boosting productivity. With a quick badge tap, users can instantly access their personal virtual desktops from any location or device. Imprivata VDA integrates with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, as well as with VMware Horizon View, offering industry-leading support for thin- and zero-client endpoint devices.

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