Achieving digital maturity by building a digitally engaged workforce

“Make life easier, feel the pain of your end-users, and do something about it.”
– Daniel Johnston MRes, RN, Clinical Workflow Specialist

Single sign-on (SSO) and fast authentication is a quick win when it comes to building staff engagement. Having won the trust of your staff – once they understand exactly what new technology can do and how they can benefit – they will make more of an effort with the harder parts.

Deliver a great user experience!

At Imprivata, we understand the challenges associated with getting people engaged with new technology. We are supporting GDEs, fast followers, and all acute trusts in driving EHR adoption, to maximise your investment by removing the barriers to clinical efficiency when using both new solutions and legacy systems. We believe that the technology should, wherever possible, be invisible to your end users – simply there to enable them to deliver top quality patient care.

As well as providing a range of products that provide fast and secure SSO and access to clinical systems, including NHS Spine-enabled applications, we also provide the most comprehensive multifactor authentication platform supporting secure authentication workflows covering remote access, EPMA, and medical devices.

And, most importantly, at Imprivata we take the time to understand your exact requirements because we know every hospital and every department is different. We provide a range of services to help you build your business case, and then to support the implementation, ensuring that you get full value from your investment. This includes having clinically trained experts that understand your point of view and that are experienced in getting the very best out of the technology. We can also help you with preparing the CQC digital maturity assessments. 


Single sign-on and virtual desktop access

Imprivata OneSign, the leading healthcare enterprise single sign-on and virtual desktop access platform, focuses on ease of use and efficiency of clinical workflows for care providers.

Access to Spine-enabled applications

The Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow leverages Imprivata OneSign to streamline access and reduce login times for NHS Spine-enabled applications.


Imprivata Confirm ID is the most comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for fast, secure authentication workflows across the healthcare enterprise.

Positive patient identification

Imprivata PatientSecure is the leading positive patient identification solution for healthcare that eliminates patent misidentification and positively identifies patients to improve patient safety, reduce medical errors, and increase revenue capture. The solution helps improve patient safety by avoiding potential medical errors and ensuring that the right care is provided to the correct patient.