Enterprise single sign-on overview

Streamline clinical workflows
and simplify EHR access

On average, clinicians log in to workstations and applications 70 times a day, entering usernames and passwords each time. This tedious process frustrates clinicians, creates complexity, and obstructs patient care.

There’s a better way.

Imprivata OneSign delivers an end-to-end authentication and access management solution that brings together authentication, single sign-on, and virtual desktop roaming.

With Imprivata OneSign,
healthcare organisations can:

  • Quickly and securely access patient information across every major EHR and clinical application, and through the industry's broadest thin and zero client support
  • Reduce the need for passwords, improve security,
    and support compliance requirements
  • Save clinicians an average of 45 minutes per shift, per day

Hear from our customers

Enabling focus on patient care 

“IT teams generally have to persuade clinical staff to give new systems a chance. Not with Imprivata OneSign – users immediately accepted the new processes because their working lives had become easier.”Read more

Enabling clinical productivity

“From an end user perspective, I’ve got time back to actually focus on my core job — because IT isn’t my core job, looking after people is my core job.”Watch now

Driving a culture shift in technology acceptance

“Imprivata OneSign streamlined workflows for users who now require just the one username and password to access many applications.”Read more