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Imprivata OneSign for energy & utilities


“With Imprivata, our data is secure. We can audit and report on all access, and passwords are no longer a burden for our users. In fact, our employees tell us that Imprivata is one of the best solutions IT has ever implemented. To date, we have reduced calls to the help desk by 25 percent for a savings of $7,200 per year.”

Jon Wu, Senior Engineer, Verity Credit Union

24/7 resilience from infrastructure and delivery through to consumer service


Complex password regimes can inadvertently invite exactly the cyber-attacks they are meant to prevent. Users circumvent the rules by sharing passwords and accounts, or by re-using non-complex passwords. Compliance and security soon suffer.

We help to protect your critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks which take advantage of these vulnerabilities in vigilance by allowing users easy access while remaining fully compliant with password management best practices.

We protect your consumer data from fraud, and we protect your commercial reputation by making security a discipline to which every member of staff can contribute in their daily workflow. 


Best practice security for an industry with no room for compromise


Authentication management for IT systems is non-negotiable in the energy sector. The now famous Stuxnet cyber-attack demonstrated to utilities businesses that infrastructure is an attractive target; whether politically or financially motivated.

Given the specific perceived risk in some parts of the business, e.g. nuclear, and the social importance of energy security, all energy suppliers have a network of regulatory benchmarks to achieve. OFGEM, for example, sets standards  which ensure the resilience of energy supply and energy infrastructure is also included in the government’s Security Policy Framework.

Furthermore, most utilities also have a financial component; whether actively trading or simply hedging resources to manage risk. In this part of the business, the regulatory burden has also been tightened, for example with the EU’s Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) reporting requirements.

With 24/7 resilience and scalable globally, our authentication ensures people are exactly who they say they are for access to IT systems, from infrastructure management through to energy trading platforms. Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management is the simple way to maintain full insight into systems access and service usage; for security, compliance and staff management.

Imprivata gives IT security specialists the ability to enforce strong password discipline

  • Which everyone can intuitively use (using existing proximity technology e.g. cards, fobs, etc.)
  • Globally (in any country and for job role)
  • And integrating seamlessly with legacy IT and physical/ security systems


Security without the complexity boosts productivity and team confidence


The complexity of legacy systems, layered technologies and endless passwords or tokens can make security expensive for the business and time-consuming – if not outright frustrating – for staff.

Imprivata simplifies the process at a stroke. Easy to deploy and manage, single sign-on and authentication management works with all your enterprise applications, and makes using them simple, fast and hassle-free; without sacrificing a credible security regime.

Staff, no matter what their technical ability, can incorporate Imprivata into their workflows without upheaval or inconvenience; indeed Imprivata is designed from the ground up to deliver 24/7 control whilst making every employee’s workday smoother.


“It just works”


We have a sector-leading reputation for simple and effective deployment, no matter what the age or complexity of your systems:

  • Native thin client and virtual desktop support
  • Use existing proximity technology e.g. cards, fobs, etc.)
  • Localised requirements (e.g. one-time-use passwords, role-based entitlements)
  • Legacy systems and infrastructure
  • Remote or cross-border estate


Buy back IT resources


Imprivata reduces the burden of security administration on your IT team.

  • An easy-to-use self-service password management system allows staff to reset passwords themselves – freeing up IT staff for more urgent and strategic activities
  • Imprivata works with your existing IT and security infrastructure. No custom scripting is required; nor any change to your existing directories or platforms. This cuts investment and time-to-deploy.
  • Total platform independence means you can deploy with confidence: get clear ROI whatever your upgrade path or future IT investment plans

Imprivata makes data security seamlessly manageable across the delivery cycle of the energy industry, unlocking efficiency and productivity gains and allowing all staff to put security and resilience first.