Certification Programme

Certification maximises your Imprivata OneSign investment, providing the power to streamline operations and increase adoption.


Certification includes:

  • Lecture-based training
  • Instructor demonstrations
  • Best practice case studies
  • Collaborative education environment
  • Labs/exercises
  • Certification exam

By participating in certification sessions, your team can improve OneSign management, and customise functionality for your organisation. Certification also provides assurance that you will continue to make the most of your Imprivata investment as you add employees to your organisation or upgrade your system.


Imprivata Engineer Certification


The Imprivata OneSign Administration Course is a comprehensive course for individuals who are responsible for implementing and managing the Imprivata appliance, system administration, and profile applications. Learners are trained to install and deploy Imprivata OneSign, and to manage the appliance, application, and users post-rollout.

This course offers ideal training for learners who are responsible for future Imprivata OneSign rollouts to new organisation units or sites. Upon successful completion of the Imprivata OneSign Certification Course, learners are qualified to take the certification exam. Passing the exam certifies learners as Imprivata Certified Engineers (ICEs). The ICE training includes hands-on workshops and demos. Learners are provided with examples of best practices based on customer deployment experiences. This four day course has an optional fifth day for students to take a proctored certification exam at Imprivata.


Learners gain exposure to:

  • Administration of the Imprivata OneSign Appliance
  • Administration of the Imprivata OneSign Application
  • Management of users
  • Authentication methods and policies
  • Reporting and alerting
  • Application profiling concepts
  • Testing and troubleshooting application profiles
  • Deployment strategies for application profiles
  • Application profiling techniques    

Learners can complete the OneSign certification exam up to two weeks after they complete their course. The exam consists of questions and a lab. Student must receive a 70% on the exam and pass the lab to receive certification.

The OneSign Certification course can also be offered at your location. For more information contact training@imprivata.com