Imprivata Learning Centre

Speed deployment, stay current on releases, ease day-to-day administration


The Imprivata Learning Centre provides you with a personalised learning experience that ensures you have all the necessary tools to make the most of your Imprivata investment. Start with a foundation of instructor-led education. Review, refresh, and re-certify self-paced eLearning modules for a holistic solution that aligns project readiness, configuration, application profiling, and on-going system administration.

Access scenario based learning content when, and how you need it, 24x7. Content is delivered in easily digestible chunks ranging from 2 to 30 minutes.


Sample topics consist of:


Maintaining Users and Accounts

  • Managing user accounts and computers (8 minutes)
  • Managing user policies (3 minutes)
  • Managing computer policies (3 minutes)
  • Overriding user policies (5 minutes)
  • Managing user lists (7 minutes)

Imprivata OneSign Application Profiling

  • Planning for application profiling (4 minutes)
  • OneSign application profiling (7 minutes)
  • Profiling a login screen (6 minutes)
  • OneSign credential capture and credential proxy (5 minutes)
  • Profiling login failure screens (4 minutes)
  • Profiling success screens (3 minutes)
  • Profiling change password screens (6 minutes)
  • Profiling change password failure and success screens (6 minutes)

Accelerate your new hire learning with graphical learning paths that guide learners from basic features to advanced configurations.

Improve staff effectiveness with professional development curricula that include project management and change management training.

The Imprivata Learning Centre provides hours of content that is constantly being enhanced and updated. Sign up now to ensure your staff members have what they need to get the most out of your organisation’s Imprivata investment.