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Imprivata OneSign for Financial Services


“With Imprivata, our data is secure. We can audit and report on all access, and passwords are no longer a burden for our users. In fact, our employees tell us that Imprivata is one of the best solutions IT has ever implemented. To date, we have reduced calls to the help desk by 25 percent for a savings of $7,200 per year.”

Jon Wu, Senior Engineer, Verity Credit Union

Meet your compliance obligations with no cost to productivity


We protect access to the most valuable asset in any modern financial services business: your data. We make compliance a discipline which everyone can support, so that regulation is no longer a brake on the business, but a driver of professionalism and profitability.


Cutting complexity, whatever your regulatory environment


UK financial services institutions are under ever greater regulatory scrutiny. As well as the Data Protection Act, regulated businesses must keep auditable data to satisfy the Financial Services Act and money laundering / financial crime legislation.

Scalable globally, Imprivata OneSign Authentication management ensures people are exactly who they say they are for access to complex financial systems. For banks, insurance companies and businesses across the regulated financial services spectrum, Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management is the simple way to track user activity and generate audit reports across the ever-changing compliance landscape. 

Imprivata gives compliance officers…

  • Strong password discipline for all employees
  • An accessible system which everyone can use intuitively (with existing proximity technology e.g. cards, fobs, etc.)
  • Streamlined logins leading to smoother workflow and increased productivity


Compliance that boosts your team instead of frustrating them


Financial services businesses have dozens of password-protected applications – indeed many report hundreds. Endless logins frustrate staff, eating up their time and causing system lockouts. It is a huge burden on productivity. Worse still, employees soon find shortcuts - shared passwords and other security breaches - which prevent rigorous compliance.

Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On makes application security simple, even in multi-login environments, by securely learning and remembering logon details.


"It just works"


We have a sector-leading reputation for simple and effective deployment, no matter what the age or complexity of your systems:

  • Native thin client and virtual desktop support
  • Web applications
  • Legacy systems and infrastructure
  • 24/7 and mission-critical systems


Buy back IT resources


Imprivata reduces the load of day-to-day security administration on your IT team.

  • An easy-to-use self-service password management system allows staff to reset passwords themselves – freeing up IT helpdesk staff for more urgent and strategic activities.
  • Imprivata is easy to use and works with your existing IT and security infrastructure, cutting investment, time-to-deploy, training and risk.
  • Total platform independence means you can deploy with confidence: get clear ROI whatever your upgrade path or future IT investment plans.

Your people are at the heart of your organisation’s IT security. They are both a risk factor and also your first line of defence. Authentication from Imprivata gives you total insight and control over information access, whatever the size, scale or sensitivity of your systems.