Audit & governance

Meet your compliance requirements easily audit users


Imprivata enables organisations to monitor their networks effectively and provide detailed audit materials to demonstrate compliance with security protocol. 


Key Features


Achieve best practice


Imprivata’s solutions are designed with the best compliance and auditing standards in mind. Imprivata helps healthcare organisations meet security requirements while streamlining clinical access to vital information. In addition to fulfilling advanced password, authentication, and event auditing requirements, Imprivata offers a broad range robust multi-factor authentication solutions to ensure clinical convenience never conflicts with security compliance standards.

Eliminate password sharing


Imprivata removes some of the biggest barriers to compliance: password sharing and other workaround behaviours that jeopardise network security. Imprivata empowers IT teams to automatically embed strong, convenient security measures into clinicians every day workflows.

Enable real-time reporting


Imprivata solutions automatically records every authentication event, equipping organisations with the detailed information they need to provide comprehensive audit reports and prove compliance.