Imprivata Acquires Identity and Access Management Business of Caradigm to Expand its Solutions
Enabling healthcare to access, communicate, and transact patient information, securely and conveniently.
Our Products & Solutions
Imprivata services and solutions help accelerate digital maturity. Whether you are a GDE, a fast follower, or an acute trust looking to drive adoption, Imprivata can help you take your digital maturity to the next level, by removing barriers to clinical efficiency and allowing clinicians to deliver high-quality and patient-centric care.
GDEs are paving the way to digital maturity for other Trusts to follow. Imprivata is already supporting many of the GDEs, fast followers, and acute trusts in driving digital maturity. Find out how can you turn policy into practical care for patients. Learn more
  • Fast, No Click Access® and single sign-on to desktops and applications, including those that are NHS Spine-enabled
  • Fast, secure authentication for clinical workflows including e-prescribing (EPMA)
  • Positive patient identification at registration and other points of care 
Imprivata is proven to save clinicians and nurses up to 45 minutes a day. With no more waiting for logins and no more passwords on sticky notes, your medical teams can seamlessly move between devices and even your legacy systems can keep up. With turnkey support for hundreds of clinical applications, Imprivata unlocks productivity, security, and patient engagement.
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) provides inpatient and community-based mental health and social care for people living in Bolton, the city of Manchester, Salford, and Trafford, and offers a wide range of specialist mental health and substance misuse services across Greater Manchester, the north west of England, and beyond. Learn more
  • Fast, secure access to systems supporting security best practice

  • Reduced login times

  • Fast set-up of new users providing everyone with the same User Experience 

Virtual Desktops unlock the freedom of the Cloud, enable data-driven care, and reduce the cost of clinical technology. Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) combines the benefits of Single Sign-On with the mobility of Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft RDS virtual environments.
Healthcare can only be effective if the right care is provided to the right patient, using the right patient information. However, many healthcare organisations are saddled with cumbersome, manual patient identification processes that rely on picture IDs and demographic information matching.
BayCare Health System in Florida was the 2nd healthcare organisation in the US to introduce palm vein recognition. Jim Schwamb, Vice President of Patient Financial Services, explains how Imprivata PatientSecure has transformed BayCare's patient registration process, improved patient identification, and boosted patient satisfaction. Learn more
  • Transformed patient registration process
  • Improved patient identification 
  • Boosted patient satisfaction
Imprivata Confirm ID delivers a comprehensive strong authentication platform for the healthcare enterprise. Imprivata Confirm ID is a single, centralized solution that enables users to transact with patient health information securely and conveniently across EMRs, clinical applications, and medical devices.
Imprivata Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows transforms clinical authentication workflows by replacing passwords with fast, convenient methods such as the tap of a proximity badge or swipe of a fingerprint. Imprivata Confirm ID integrates with leading EMRs and other clinical applications to give providers a seamless, in-process authentication experience and crate a robust audit trail for all transactions with patient health information. Learn more
  • Increases efficiency by replacing passwords with innovative and convenient authentication methods
  • Integrates seamlessly with leading EMRs  and other applications to enable fast, secure clinical authentication workflows
  • Improves compliance and auditing with increased visibility into user interactions with patient health information
Imprivata enables healthcare organisations to meet the audit and governance requirements of all European and American data protection authorities. Imprivata balances security with convenience by designing user-friendly technologies that streamline clinical workflows, improve patient experience, and safeguard patient data.
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest hospital trusts in England, with five hospitals and several outpatient facilities across East Kent and Medway. The Trust’s staff required access to over 86 applications, however the organisation’s password security policy required staff to utilise separate login credentials for each application. Imprivata OneSign helped increase clinical productivity and decrease helpdesk calls. Learn more
  • Savings of £80,000 per year due to decrease in helpdesk calls
  • Quick, non-disruptive implementation
  • Improved clinician productivity