WE Consulting

WE Consulting was established with the objective to design, implement and integrate systems for telecommunications and information processing.

Great importance is given to solutions and services rather than only supplying products; Wellcomm Engineering is therefore regarded as a partner qualified for the different phases of a project relating to the implementation and execution of a properly functioning network: from physical transmission medium, devices active management software to the network operating systems. The company has a deep experience in the implementation of structured cabling and data transmission networks, office and industrial use solutions of the most important manufacturers. Particular attention is given to security systems in order to prevent unwanted access to corporate information systems. Wellcomm Engineerig has a consolidated design methodology and has a knowledge of high-level multidisciplinary arising from a series of technical agreements - with the major commercial vendors.

Maintenance and training are key elements of the offer. Technical assistance, both hardware and software, is provided with a time of very rapid recovery. The education courses are focused on networking products offered or cover topics such as new technologies and new standards.