Mobile IAM

Mobile IAM


Imprivata Mobile User Access Management

Imprivata Mobile User Access Management is healthcare’s only mobile authentication solution that enables fast, secure access to clinical mobile devices and applications. Users can access shared clinical mobile devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge, and can then single sign-on (SSO) to their applications.

Clinicians enjoy the same fast, efficient, and familiar authentication workflow that they currently experience on workstations and virtual desktops with Imprivata OneSign. With an SSO workflow to shared mobile devices, healthcare organisations can unlock the full potential of mobile devices by ensuring a fast, efficient workflow for clinicians, while maintaining and improving security and auditability.

Users can access shared clinical mobile devices from an ever-expanding list of vendors supported by Imprivata, including Ascom, Zebra, Spectralink, Honeywell, Apple, and others.


Improved device access management 

Imprivata Mobile User Access Management helps balance security with workflow efficiency. It enables clinical staff to unlock mobile devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge. This improves security and safeguards sensitive patient data by enabling organisations to lock mobile devices without disrupting workflow. 

Effortless access to devices and applications 

Users experience streamlined access to secured devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge. Once assigned, devices are imaged specifically for each user via tight integration with an organisation’s existing mobile device management solution. By utilising Imprivata single sign-on technology, users no longer have to manually authenticate into individual applications, saving time and reducing frustration. 

Fast, secure single sign-on to mobile applications 

Imprivata Mobile User Access Management enables SSO to mobile applications, which streamlines clinical workflow and gives clinical users more time to spend on patient care. Imprivata partners and integrates with leading vendors and EHRs to ensure fast, secure access to clinical mobile applications. 

Data protection between use 

Organisations can lock-down devices between use, ensuring that only trusted identities have access to sensitive tools and information. Additionally, devices are digitally sanitised between each use to ensure devices are ready for the speed of 24x7 healthcare delivery. 

Comprehensive monitoring and simplified reporting

Imprivata records all device access events in a centralised database for improved visibility of device activity. Imprivata provides out-of-the-box reports that give administrators full visibility into access of mobile devices, and enables rapid response to audit enquiries.