Imprivata and Microsoft: Complete hybrid IAM for healthcare

Accelerating healthcare’s digital transformation journey

Imprivata and Microsoft, together, remove barriers to embracing digital transformation technologies across a healthcare organisation. We ensure that healthcare organisations have IAM solutions that work on both modern and traditional endpoints and that can connect on-premises and cloud through the extended hybrid state that many healthcare organisations will experience for many years.


How Imprivata and Microsoft complement each other’s digital identity strategies using a framework approach

Wes Wright, CTO at Imprivata, and Randy Nale, Healthcare Technology Strategist at Microsoft, discuss how digital identity frameworks simplify the task of planning IAM systems for healthcare.

Healthcare digital identity: Imprivata + Microsoft better together

Wes Wright (Imprivata Chief Technology Officer) and Dr Sean Kelly (Imprivata Chief Medical Officer) discuss the role of digital identity across the healthcare enterprise and digital identity best practices in your organisation’s digital transformation journey.

Microsoft and Imprivata innovate together