Compliance, audit, and risk reporting

Compliance, audit, and risk reporting


Seamless provisioning while assuring security and compliance

IT teams need to provision users for access into appropriate applications with ease, but security teams must be able to ensure that users have the right level of access while assuring compliance.

Imprivata Identity Governance is an end-to-end solution with streamlined auditing processes and analytics that provides all the user and behavioural data and workflow automation needed to support governance, and risk management. With Imprivata Identity Governance, organisations can:

  • Gain full visibility into access and identity with a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) dashboard
  • Enable security, IT, and audit teams to review full historic audit logs, user access reports, and entitlement records
  • Establish greater, and more granular, control for adherence to security policies

Imprivata Identity governance simplifies how this information is shared and accessed, without any additional work by staff – allowing hospital teams to stay focused on their workloads and daily responsibilities. And by using Imprivata Identity Governance with Microsoft, the combined solution ensures access governance for cloud and healthcare applications with compliance reporting capabilities.


Bolster data security 

Imprivata Identity Governance streamlines auditing and analytics processes to enable faster threat evaluation and remediation. The solution also establishes greater and more granular control for adherence to security policies and regulatory guidelines and provides comprehensive user behaviour reports for compliance and information security teams. 

Executive GRC dashboard 

Provide your compliance team and security analysts with a complete user behaviour and entitlement view by combining rights and usage data in a single analysis report with Imprivata Identity Governance. Connect to an external source or use the data warehouse to store third party data and easily build your own profile dashboards to achieve even greater information quality. 

Attestation, reporting, and compliance 

Allow decision makers to review user, access and entitlement data with Imprivata Identity Governance pre-built reporting capabilities. Empower compliance officers and privileged users with the ability to create ad-hoc reports that can be customised without IT intervention.