Imprivata digital identity maturity assessment

Digital identity is the security perimeter that must be managed and secured

Organisations have evolved into highly complex environments with countless users and roles, locations, connected devices, and cloud and on-premises apps. In this new ecosystem, the once well-defined network perimeter no longer exists.

What will your assessment reveal?

Quickly assess the effectiveness of your digital identity strategy based on current-state tools and processes. Then, receive a customised report with actionable guidance to build a comprehensive plan that optimises user access, cybersecurity, and compliance.

Achieve the optimal balance of user access, security, and compliance

The future of digital identity fuses access efficiency, cybersecurity, and compliance to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out. The Imprivata Digital Identity Maturity Model introduces five phases of maturity with increasing levels access efficiency, cybersecurity, and compliance.

Take the maturity assessment to uncover where you currently stand and receive actionable insights on getting to the next phase.

Five phases of digital identity maturity

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    This is the state prior to implementing a formal digital identity strategy. Manual workflows and siloed user and account management result in costly mistakes and high security risks.

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    This is the beginning of an IAM program where tools are used to strengthen the security posture. Manageable IT processes are in place and critical applications are covered.

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    In this stage, quality and security risks begin to improve as processes become more proactive and standardised across business units and target systems.

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    This is the state where automation ramps application coverage and creates significant IT cost and end-user savings.

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    The final phase represents optimal integration with the business, where security is implemented and managed as part of user workflows, not in addition to them. 

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